CodeScene On-Premise

CodeScene provides unique insights into a software project. Use CodeScene to save maintenance costs, take corrective actions on time, and get a holistic overview of the state of your codebase.

CodeScene On-Premise is easily installed in your own data center or on your laptop. Our flexible plans let you start small and scale up to bigger projects.

"The research and ideas of Adam Tornhill and its embodiment in the Empear toolset has got to be the most significant contribution in the last 10 years to how we understand the evolution of code." Aslam Khan, Managing Director, ThoughtWorks Pan Africa

Main Features

CodeScene is based on the ideas and research from the best selling book Your Code As A Crime Scene. CodeScene automates all those analyses - and more - in order to help you:

CodeScene is delivered with professional documentation. We also provide optional on-site training and services.

Read more about CodeScene in the Product Description (PDF).

Technical Specification