White Paper CodeScene: Users and Use Cases.

Download our free white paper on Behavioral Code Analysis in Practice intended for software architects, technical leaders, developers, testers, and managers. It provides a detailed view of how CodeScene helps an organization by providing unique insights into the evolution of a software system. The paper also covers the operational costs of a CodeScene implementation and the pre-requisites.

codescene.io Cloud


Per Author, Monthly subscription. Total price excl. VAT.

Hosted application, get started with a single click
Connects directly to GitHub

  • This is the hosted lightweight offering of CodeScene.
  • Get started quickly with out of the box GitHub integration.
  • Source code is stored securely during the analysis and deleted afterwards.
  • Works on all major programming languages.
  • Analyze multiple GitHub repositories in one project.
  • Prioritizes technical debt hotspots.
  • Includes team and social metrics.
  • Paid plans include CodeScene's biomarkers technology.
  • Free of charge on open source projects.

VAT is added for individuals in EU, and may be added for EU-based businesses.
By purchasing CodeScene you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

CodeScene On-premise


Per Author. Monthly subscription. Total price excl. VAT.

Premium CodeScene with full feature set
Reporting, quality gates, real-time dashboards

  • The premium CodeScene product with the full feature set.
  • Host it in your own data center or private cloud.
  • Works with all Git repositories, independent of hosting (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, in-house, etc).
  • No source code or information ever leaves your system.
  • Identifies and prioritizes technical debt, measures team work, and predicts delivery risks.
  • Goal-oriented workflow that makes technical debt transparent, contextual, and actionable.
  • Built-in Virtual Code Reviewer and Code Health scores.
  • Quality Gates for CI/CD build pipelines.
  • Auto-generated PDF reports for architects/tech leads/managers.
  • Team planning with interactive on- and off-boarding simulations.
  • Inter-product dashboards and microservice code health monitoring.
  • Jira integration to evaluate the costs of identified technical debt.

VAT is added for individuals in EU, and may be added for EU-based businesses.
By purchasing CodeScene you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

CodeScene Enterprise

Our Enterprise license gives you a fixed, predictable license cost and a discounted license fee in relation to commitment. An Enterprise license also gives you flexibility to grow the organization with more developers, and to trial CodeScene on new projects without any additional cost. Complement with our training and you will never miss a hotspot again. Add our premium support, and your developers will always have someone to talk with.

Technical Health Check

A Health Check is the perfect service for any software organization that wants to have an independent assessment of their code quality, monitor their outsourcing initiatives, or investors looking to perform a technical due diligence. If your business depends on software, then a Health Check from Empear is for you! Read more about the Technical Health Check

Project analysis

A project analysis gives you a detailed description of potential risks, the status of your software project, and a set of KPI’s. We identify and prioritise the parts of your system that are expensive to maintain, code at risk for defects, and even detect team productivity bottlenecks.
The analysis results are delivered as a written report as well as an on-site presentation given by our expert analysts. This report lets you reduce your technical debt and improve your organisational efficiency, guided by data and our actionable recommendations. You will get management insight into the progress of the development work.

Training & workshops

During a high-paced one-day workshop, at your site, we mix theory with practical hands-on exercises lead by our CodeScene expert Adam Tornhill. You will analyse your own codebase to take away actionable findings. In this workshop you learn novel analysis techniques to:

  • Identify the code that’s most expensive to maintain.
  • Detect architectural decay in layered and microservice systems.
  • Identify implicit dependencies across service boundaries.
  • Measure how multiple developers influence code quality and what you can do about it.
  • View your codebase from a social perspective and see how different organizational patterns influence the code you write.
  • Use behavioral code analysis to guide refactorings.


All CodeScene customers get email support (a good one) with an answer within one business day. Enterprise customers get additional online support directly from our CodeScene experts.