The History.

From book to startup.

2015 Adam Tornhill published the best selling book, Your Code As A Crime Scene. The idea was to combine the methods behind forensic psychology with code analysis. CodeScene was born. The powerful visualisation tool was ment to help developers to write better code, faster and together. At the same time his companions could see the benefits from the business side. Supporting stakeholders with predictive analysis and suggestions how to save project costs. Together they realised they could bridge the gap between code development teams and the stakeholders. They named the company Empear and started to develop CodeScene to become something truly unique.

The Code.

Your legacy, your gold.

CodeScene was created as a response to the increasing demands of large-scale IT projects. Software systems with hundreds of thousands of lines of code, multiple development teams working on the codebase, and no one with a holistic overview where to dig into the deepest mines of code to find the gold.

The People.

Powered by Empear.

We are developers who love quality code. Driven to find bad code and turn it into gold. We are data-driven analysts who believe that any prediction big or small will lead to better projects. We are business strategists who know that insight makes for better decisions for your future business. We are the People and the power behind Empear. But we also use artificial intelligence to make our work faster.

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