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A powerful visualization tool that uses Predictive Analytics to find social patterns and hidden risks in your code.

Business managers can see ahead and decide the way. Forward.

CodeScene bridges the gap between Tech and Business. It gives management teams and stakeholders the ability to see the evolution of code and to measure where your project costs are going. Through a customized Dashboard you can follow graphs and trends. In realtime. Understanding the status of your code today and what direction your business needs to go tomorrow.

Tech managers can build effective teams and lead code development. Proudly.

CodeScene gives you the social side of code. It analyses social patterns and shows you which developer wrote what code, and where. It actually knows the parts of your code where you spend most of your development efforts over time.

This knowledge map will ensure that you can create and lead effective teams that are optimised for the development of your code.

Developers can write better code — faster. Together.

CodeScene auto-detects Hotspots that show hidden risks in your code. It supports developers with immediate feedback and shows where in the hotspot to look for improvements. Maintaining pro-active development activity and giving the power to developers to co-create excellent quality code.

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