Project Analysis with Intelligence

Prioritize Technical Debt

Identify the parts of your code where you spend most of your development efforts.

Rescue Legacy Code

Plan iterative improvements by prioritizing the parts where you'll get a return on your investment.

Succeed with Microservices

Detect hidden change patterns and supervise the complexity growth of your microservices.

Support your Agile Workflow

Use data-driven retrospectives to visualize the impact of a sprint on the codebase.

Build Efficient Teams

Ensure your organization matches the way your codebase evolves.

Detect Delivery Risks

Detect risks early through CodeScene's risk classification of development activity.

Ready for Continuous Integration

Integrate CodeScene into your continuous integration pipeline to detect maintenance problems before they become an issue.

Efficient Onboarding

CodeScene's unique social analyses build a knowledge map over your system that let developers get up to speed.

Safe Offboarding

CodeScene highlights the areas in need of knowledge transfer in case a developer leaves.