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”Software is a living entity that's constantly changing. To understand software systems, we need to know where they came from and how they evolved”

About Us

Adam Tornhill and Martin Stenlund met for the first time during a lunch in 2012. Three years later they decided to start Empear and develop the Empear Analysis Suite. Everything started several years earlier though!

Adam was in the middle of his psychology studies when he joined a course in forensics. At the same time, he was working full-time as a software developer fighting some scary large-scale legacy systems on a regular basis. The main challenge with large systems is to know which parts of the codebase that really matter. Which parts of the code become productivity bottlenecks? Which parts are hard to maintain? Where will the bugs be?

”As I got into forensics, I realized that crime investigators face similar open-ended, large-scale problems that we do. And modern forensic psychologists attack these problems with methods useful to us software developers too. I decided to explore this connection and find out how we can apply it to code.”

Years of studies, research and tools development resulted in the book Code as a crime scene that was released in early 2015.

Empear Analysis Suite is based on the theories in the book. Our tools are expanded with several new analyses and lots of functionality that gives you unique insights into your software development projects.

Our customers use the Empear Analysis Suite to save maintenance costs, mine social information for on- and off-boarding of developers, and to prioritize and track improvements to the system based on real data.


Developer Edition ©

Empear Developer is a desktop application that lets you perform technical analyses of your codebase. Empear Developer lets you identify hotspots in your code, visualize complexity trends and identify expensive change patterns in your system. You use Empear Developer to identify code that's expensive to maintain and at risk for defects.

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Enterprise Edition ©

Empear Enterprise gives you unique insights into your development projects. Empear Enterprise lets you identify the parts of your system that are expensive to maintain, code at risk for defects and even detect team productivity bottlenecks. Our unique social metrics provide you with a complete knowledge map of your codebase, identifies expensive communication paths in your organization, and let you evaluate your organization with respect to how the system evolves.

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Analysis ©

Empear offers an on-site analysis of your development project. One of our analysis experts will, in close collaboration with you, identify potential technical and organizational problems in your codebase. You will get unique insights and recommendations that let you react early to avoid future quality issues. The analysis is delivered as a written report and as an on-site presentation of the key findings.

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